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Ready to get to the underlying root cause of your illness and turn your health around?

Do you feel you have experienced incomplete care, faulty diagnoses, or been over-medicated and under-served? Did you ever receive a straightforward, clear plan to resolve your chronic health issues once and for all? Now is the time to take your health back and work with the right practitioner who can help you with all the missing pieces.

If you are looking for a higher standard of care with more education, nutrition coaching, and more complete testing, our approach to healing chronic disorders – in partnership with patients just like you – may be just the protocol you’ve been searching for all along!

At Dr Hugh Wegwerth DC, we help patients get to the root causes of their chronic wellness challenges – through an in-depth blend of advanced lab testing paired with examining all the factors that shaped your current state of health.

Unlike in a typical 7-minute doctor’s office visit, we begin with a very thorough health intake to uncover many of the overlooked key components that play a large role in your illness. This missed information may include major life changing events, stealth infections that have not be properly treated, undiagnosed foods allergies, serious nutritional deficiencies or even exposure to highly toxic substances that could be keeping you in the “chronic illness cycle”.

Once we gather this important information, our next steps include analyzing your lab tests that will tell us what’s happening with your gut health and hormones and how they are impacting the rest of your body. We also cross-reference information to see how events or items in your health history may be showing up in your testing.

We then devise a personalized healing protocol just for your individual needs. This includes an eating plan backed by the latest nutritional science (to nourish and rebalance your body) and the best lifestyle practices to lessen toxic exposure so your body can rebalance and thrive.

Healing chronic illness happens by creating the best possible healing environment for your body and we empower you to take control of your health and your future well-being.

Let Us Guide You So That You Can Create What You Need Most…
To Heal.

The Dr Hugh Wegwerth DC Method

  • Solution Oriented: Our mission is to get to the root cause and create targeting healing protocols to deal directly with the causes of illness as well as prevent disease and future imbalances.
  • Focus On Function: Create better function throughout the body by providing correct nutrition, meeting deficiencies, removing toxic substances, and breaking the cycle or chronic illness.
  • Personalized For Each Patient: We treat a patient’s unique biological challenges and adapt protocols to meet those needs.
  • Proper In-depth Testing: We apply scientifically-advanced lab testing that can be paired with whatever standard medical testings patients have already received.
  • Based In Science: Based on the latest medical research and clinical trials.

Are You Ready To Finally Get Your Health Back On Track?

Suspect that you have a food sensitivity like gluten? Many conventional medical tests that are covered under health insurance do not properly test for food intolerances like gluten that may be to blame for many of your annoying symptoms like chronic fatigue, skin rashes, and constant bloating.

Looking for a protocol to deal with some of your genetic “destiny”? Are you worried that you will suffer from the same illnesses your parents did or maybe already experiencing the signs? The newest research shows that you can change the way your genetics express by following a specialized eating plan and lifestyle modifications – guided by a specially-trained functional medicine practitioner.

Tired of hearing that no one knows “why” you suffer from fatigue? Most people don’t realize that fatigue can be a symptom of so many illnesses – including immune issues, thyroid, and even gut imbalances. Through our in-depth testing and detailed intake process, we can discover what is causing your observed symptoms and help you rebalance through nutrition and targeted supplementation, clearing toxic overload, and/or dealing with bacterial overgrowths or anything else that is to blame.

Suffering from aches and pains or sudden weight gain? Many conventional doctors who aren’t able to tell you why may simply resort to “it’s just part of aging” when in fact it might be overlooked issues or disorders that haven’t yet been tested for.

These are just some of the symptoms where functional medicine can help you get the answers and how to finally treat them the correct way with the help of the right practitioner.

Dr. Hugh Wegwerth

“The power that made the body heals the body.”

Dr. Hugh Wegwerth champions this phrase in all aspects of his professional practice. With a passion for functional medicine and functional neurology, Dr. Hugh has traveled throughout the country to obtain a vast knowledge base that surpasses traditional medicine. With over two decades of experience in Natural Medicine, he maintains a commitment to a holistic approach to wellness care for his patients. It’s not always as simple as spending 5 minutes with a patient and writing a prescription. There are complexities to each individual case that requires more attention. This is his commitment to each of his patients.

Dr. Hugh’s expertise lends itself to providing help for some of the most difficult cases. He has worked with and provided healing success stories for a number of different hard to treat conditions including, Hypothyroid, IBS, Crohns Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Autoimmune Diseases, Hormonal Issues, Sleep Problems, Neuropathy, Antibiotic poisoning (Floxed), Gluten Sensitivity and other Food Allergies.

Dr. Hugh is a partner in a Private Practice in Roseville, MN and has maintained this partnership since graduating from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 1999.

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