Dr. Hugh Wegwerth

Dr. Hugh Wegwerth champions this phrase in all aspects of his professional practice. With a passion for functional medicine and functional neurology, Dr. Hugh has traveled throughout the country to obtain a vast knowledge base that surpasses traditional medicine. With over two decades of experience in Natural Medicine, he maintains a commitment to a holistic approach to wellness care for his patients. It’s not always as simple as spending 5 minutes with a patient and writing a prescription. There are complexities to each individual case that requires more attention. This is his commitment to each of his patients.

Dr. Hugh’s expertise lends itself to providing help for some of the most difficult cases. He has worked with and provided healing success stories for a number of different hard to treat conditions including, Hypothyroid, IBS, Crohns Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Autoimmune Diseases, Hormonal Issues, Sleep Problems, Neuropathy, Antibiotic poisoning (Floxed), Gluten Sensitivity and other Food Allergies.

Dr. Hugh is a partner in a Private Practice in Roseville, MN and has maintained this partnership since graduating from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 1999.

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